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Terms & Conditions – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for content you receive from CartoonLearning.com:

Layman’s terms: 

You can alter and profit from the rendered final animations you make from this free stuff, as long as you try to credit cartoonlearning.com for each animation, if possible.

You can’t alter or alter & distribute the raw content; png’s, .anme files, jpeg’s, etc.


Legalese (ish):

You MAY use this content, ROYALTY FREE, in your private, corporate, contract, amateur, or professional animations. (Yes, this includes distributing your animations.)

I understand that if you’re using this content for “FOR HIRE WORKS,” like making a commercial for a company, you won’t be able to credit CartoonLearning.com , but in all other cases, and WHEREVER POSSIBLE, CREDIT “CartoonLearning.com” for the free animation content. I’m not a stickler for how this is done; just get the name correct (CartoonLearning.com), and try to drive traffic to my site.

  • You may NOT share this content with anyone else in its raw form! It is theft! As an artist, you should know better. This means that you may NOT ALTER, DISTRIBUTE, or ALTER AND DISTRIBUTE any part of the files you receive. Just because I give these away doesn’t mean you can. I’ve earned the right to the traffic that comes to my website, or has signed up for my mailing list. Here are some examples to clarify:

1) If you receive an Anime Studio character, you may NOT convert it to a Toon Boom character and sell it as your own, or give it away.

2) If you receive an Anime Studio character, you may NOT break it apart and sell the pieces. For example: You can’t separate the HANDS SWITCH LAYER from the rest of the character and sell it or give it away.

3) You may NOT recolor a character or PNG file and distribute it.

4) You ARE ALLOWED to use image files, Anime Studio files, etc., in your animation, RENDER IT, and distribute it ROYALTY FREE (you don’t have to pay me royalties), as long as you credit CartoonLearning.com, as stated above.

  • You may NOT, under any circumstances, share your passwords with anyone!
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