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Welcome!  Check out my Anime Studio tutorials.

The video you see above is a sample of what kind of cartoon can be made with Anime Studio’s 2D animation software.  As you’ll see on this site, I’m a huge fan of Anime Studio, due to its ease of use, fast learning curve, and its intuitive design.

How long does it take to learn 2D animation software?

I just want to remind you that a lot of people go to college to learn this stuff.  Don’t get discouraged if you try some animation software and you don’t make your first cartoon in a day.  It takes time.  That being said, this is why I prefer Smith Micro’s Anime Studio (formerly Moho).  Even if you’re new to animating, you can release your first cartoon in under a month, even with a full time schedule.  That’s precisely what I did with the YouTube video above.

What animation stuff is on this site?

There are still a few lessons for Creatoon 3.0, although I don’t use it any more.  Once I made the switch to Anime Studio 6, I never looked back.  Now, Smith Micro has released Anime Studio 7 and Anime Studio 8, all in Pro and Debut versions for both the professional and amateur animators.

If you post questions for Creatoon help, please understand that I can only answer questions from memory, since I don’t use it any more.

As far as Anime Studio help, I will answer questions, so feel free to post them in the comments section.  I also have a lot of free Anime Studio content on the site, but you’ll have to go looking for it.  I didn’t have a good way to organize it when I started this site – sorry.