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Here are some sample cartoons to watch.


Are Cartoons Expensive to Make?

Cartoons are easier than ever to make, especially with software advances.  A cartoon like South Park is actually made with a high end program that costs THOUSANDS  OF DOLLARS.  Thankfully, the technology needed to make a cartoon like South Park, Family Guy, or these cartoons shown above is actually available for very cheap.  I made these cartoons with Anime Studio Debut 6(the first one was made after only having the software a month, barely tinkering with it, and having a full time job).  A new and better version has even been released since I got into cartoon making.  You’ll be amazed at the price.  See my affiliate link below:


Are Cartoons Hard to Make?

I don’t think so, and I’m no artist.  As I said, I learned the program very fast.  I thought it was quite intuitive, but I did use some of the very cheap programs out there (don’t waste your time if you’re serious about trying your hand at making viral cartoons).

Can I make Cartoons if I’m No Good at Drawing?

There is a way to upload digital images into this software and just trace.  The nice thing is, you just add one point at a time.  If you ever make a mistake, you can just undo what you did, making it easy for even an amateur to draw good cartoons.  There is some thinking involved, though.  Don’t get me wrong.  You have to be able to think in layers, putting one building in front of another, or a character’s eyes in front of their face, etc.  I would suspect that most people can pick up on this pretty fast.  If not…