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Online Animation School- Interpolation Questions

Published on August 3, 2009 By Eric Moore

  Someone recently asked if it was possible for Creatoon to work similarly to Adobe Flash’s Motion Guide. I want to set the motion path for the character, i.e. Zigzag motion without editing it frame by frame. You get where I’m heading?   Not being familiar with the program mentioned, this is the best answer […]

Online Animation School- What is the fastest way to insert keyframes?

Published on July 28, 2009 By Eric Moore

Many people don’t know that Creatoon allows you to  insert keyframes in real time!  Learn how in this tutorial video.

Online animation school- How do I make a character talk in Creatoon?

Published on July 28, 2009 By Eric Moore

This may seem easy for some people, but for someone new to cartoon animation and unfamiliar with their options, they may be asking, “How do I make my character talk?  How do I change the mouth of my character in Creatoon?” If you’ve already viewed the animation school lesson How do I make eyes blink […]

Online Animation School: Rendering Problems in Creatoon

Published on July 24, 2009 By Eric Moore

Are you having problems rendering your NTSC AVI cartoon with Creatoon? I can’t tell you how many times I tried to render a finished animation, only to go in each time and view what looked like a big ball of fuzz with some movement in it.  After much, much, trial and error, I discovered that […]

Online animation school- How do I make eyes blink in Creatoon?

Published on July 17, 2009 By Eric Moore

  Feel free to download this character and put him together.   NOTE:  You will probably have to re-size some of these parts with the translational tool to make them fit correctly.  TIP:  Hold the shift key while clicking and dragging the corner dot of the square of the translational tool to make the object […]

Audio limitations to making cartoons with Creatoon cartoon creation program

Published on July 11, 2009 By Eric Moore

Limitations to making cartoons with Creatoon.   While I absolutely love Creatoon as a beginner’s program for making cartoons, it has it’s limitations.  One of the big ones is that…  you can’t render your cartoon with sound!  This is an easy work-around, of course.  Creatoon will allow you to import sound to lipsync your animation […]