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Anime Studio 7 Follow Path

Published on December 10, 2010 By Eric Moore

Follow Path Tool: Both Anime Studio Debut 7 and Anime Studio Pro 7 have a tool you can use called FOLLOW PATH.  It allows you to have something in your scene follow an invisible (or visible, if you wanted) path. Why would you use the follow path tool? A good example where this would come […]

Anime Studio Pro Tutorial- How to create and use actions

Published on July 12, 2010 By Eric Moore

Tips for using “ACTIONS” with Anime Studio Pro 6 or Anime Studio Pro 7: Actions and blend morphs are directly related, but before you create a bunch of actions to use as blend morphs, watch the blend morph tutorial.  They must be created a certain way! Once an ACTION is created, any changes you make […]