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How Long Should It Take To Render In Anime Studio?

Published on February 7, 2011 By Eric Moore

 Eric,   How long does it usually take you to render a video in Anime Studio?  I  made my first video below [for my project].  The main part took about an  hour.  I think maybe I’m choosing too high a quality, but I’m not really sure.   Also, do you have tutorials on using bone […]

Anime Studio Question: Bone Binding For Head Turns

Published on January 17, 2011 By Eric Moore

How do I bind the bones in the group layer? Eric, I created a character based on your tutorials with a Head Turn switch layer inside a bone layer. I’m having trouble binding the bones inside the Head Default group layer. I was able to bind the Head Turn layer to the main bone in […]

Anime Studio Pro Tutorial

Published on December 29, 2010 By Eric Moore

Anime Studio Pro Tutorial Anime Studio Pro Tutorial For Rigging Your Character This is probably my biggest time saver, and I wasn’t actually going to share this character rig with anyone.  Oh, well.  I guess I can be nice. How To Rig A Character In Anime Studio Pro You need to take advantage of actions, […]

Anime Studio Help- Fixing a Character Warped with Bones

Published on October 4, 2010 By Eric Moore

View these Anime Studio Tutorials in high definition. Why does my Anime Studio character warp when adding bones? An http://www.animationtrainer.com subscriber sent me this character, which had become badly warped when he added bones to it.  He’s graciously allowed me to use it in this tutorial, so everyone can know how to fix or avoid […]

Anime Studio Bone Rigging Tutorial

Published on February 22, 2010 By Eric Moore

How to rig Anime Studio characters As promised, here’s my character, split apart into pieces to show you how to rig your character’s bones in Anime Studio. When rigging bones this way, there’s no need to separate the pieces before adding the bones.  If you separate them, it’ll frustrate you every time you insert your […]