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Ever consider making corporate videos?

August 3, 2015

Getting your foot in the animation door… People are always writing to me asking, “How do I get a job in the animation industry?” Of course, everyone wants to start at Disney or some big name studio, but bear in mind that there are plenty of ways to build your showreel apart from a huge […]

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Doody Strike made using Anime Studio and Gamemaker Studio

February 9, 2014

  The recently released video game, Doody Strike:  Poachers vs Poo, was created using a combination of the animation software Anime Studio Pro, as well as the game making software, Gamemaker Studio. How do I know?  This is my game.  I’ve actually created a handful of games in the last few months, and I thought […]

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Q&A About Anime Studio Software

March 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Moore, I have been an aspiring animator for quite some time now and I own an outdated copy of Anime Studio Debut Version 6.  Do I need to upgrade to take advantage of the software’s full capabilities such as lip synching?   Are there any major differences between the Anime Studio Debut version […]

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Can I Save A Character In Anime Studio & Use It Again?

January 23, 2013

“Hey Eric, thanks for the tutorial I made my own character But is it possible to save only your character and use it in other animations? I have Anime Studio Debut 7.” – Anonymous Absolutely!  If you already made your cartoon character, all you need to do is follow these steps: If you have content […]

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Audio Formats For Anime Studio

January 20, 2013

I can’t get Anime Studio 9 to take my audio files.  What’s wrong? Well, only certain file types are able to be used in the software.  Below are the audio file types: WAV (Windows & Mac) AIFF (Windows & Mac) MP3 (Windows & Mac) M4A (MPEG-4)  

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HISHE – How It Should Have Ended Style Animation

January 20, 2013

I’d like to make a cartoon for YouTube like HISHE.  What kind of cartoon software do I need?  Do I need a tablet?  Do I need a microphone?  Any help is appreciated. I love HISHE, and I know exactly what you want to do. I highly recommend Anime Studio as your software.  You can usually […]

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Camera Zoom Problem

January 20, 2013

“Hi, I’m trying Anime Studio 9 debut and am having problems with the zoom camera. As per the FAQ above, I am able to use the zoom as described, but when I want to use the zoom again further in the peice, it ties itself to the orignal one. So how do you start and […]

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My Anime Studio 9 Review

September 11, 2012

  Here’s the eye rig you wanted.              

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Royalty Free Cartoon Sky Pictures

August 2, 2012

I thought there might be a need for some cartoon sky images, so I whipped up these for you to use.  They’re royalty free, so no worries about what you use them for.  If you feel like crediting this site, that’d be cool, but you don’t have to. Need Some Clouds To Go With Your […]

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Anime Studio 9 Is On Its Way!

August 2, 2012

UPDATE:  Anime Studio 9 is here! To watch my video reviews, click here. Release Date I just got the email announcing the release of Anime Studio 9, set to go public in September of 2012. I know very few details at this point, but rest assured, you’ll be able to find out everything here as […]

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