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Anime Studio Pro

Which is better, Anime Studio Pro or Anime Studio Debut?

The pro version of many software packages isn’t always better. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, especially if the program changed the layout drastically between standard and pro versions. I’m happy to say that my transition from Anime Studio Debut 6 and Anime Studio Pro 6 was very easy. The Pro layout stayed about the same, simply adding additional options that the Debut version didn’t have. The best part is, while the new features aren’t intrusive at all to the overall layout, these few additions make Anime Studio Pro versions an extremely powerful animation software to have!

The following pictures show the layout similarities comparing Anime Studio Debut 6 and Anime Studio Pro 6

Anime Studio Pro features:

(NOTE:  Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s features list to ensure accuracy before you purchase any of these products.)  If you need an affordable animation program that will let you make professional cartoons, look no further than Anime Studio Pro.  It can do just about everything that very high end software can do, and I believe it will soon beat out Toon Boom for the #1 animation program used by professionals.  Why do I say that?  How many shows can you think of that are animated in the United States?  Not many, huh?  A lot of animation is outsourced to countries in Asia that will work for pennies on the dollar, due to the difference in our currencies.  A $2,000 piece of software like Autodesk’s Maya(used to make South Park) is the equivalent of about $90,000 in the Philippines, and the $1499.99 price tag of Toon Boom Animate Pro would be around $67,500 for them.  With costs like that, it’s no wonder so many overseas contractors are using Anime Studio. 

Best Anime Studio Pro 6 and Anime Studio Pro 7 features:

In my opinion, the two greatest features of the Pro version are:

  1. Actions
  2. Styles
  3. Blend Morphs

What are actions?  Anime Studio Pro Actions allow you to animate a cartoon character, scene, object, body part, or whatever you want, and save that animation to use later.  Inside your larger project, you simply click the layer you assigned the action to, and import it into your animation.

What are styles?  Anime Studio Pro Styles allow you to save a style for your vector layers.  Styles can include the line width of your character’s outline, fill color, or even brush patterns.  Why are styles so useful?  Let’s say you created a character that has 100 different switch layers for his hands, plus all his other skin colored body parts.  If you wanted that character to have gotten a suntan, you would have to go into every single layer and repaint them in a more tan color.  If your character is initially painted with a style, though, you can just go into the style and click what you want the new color to be.  Every single layer changes color instantly!

What are Blend Morphs?  Anime Studio Pro Blend Morphs all you to take an object created in vectors and manipulate the vectors.  This manipulation is saved, and you can then use a convenient slider to manipulate those vector points and insert that “blended morph” into your animation project.  This is great for making a jaw drop, an eyebrow raise, or any other number of actions.

Anime Studio Pro 7 Features:

  • You can now record audio in Anime Studio Pro 7, as well as adjust the pitch, saving you time from importing audio from Audacity or other audio programs.
  • The Physics Engine allows you to easily add actions as if they’re actually influenced by real physics.
  • The Follow Path Tool allows an object to follow any line you draw, making walk cycles and aircraft flight much easier to animate.
  • 3D Software Capabilities (limited) and Poser 8 Importing:  Now, you can actually import 3D Poser 8 characters, and you can lathe and extrude your own 3D objects.   

What are the differences between Anime Studio Debut and Anime Studio Pro?

For a complete list of differences between Anime Studio Debut and Pro, versions 6 and 7, see the manufacturer’s website.

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