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HISHE – How It Should Have Ended Style Animation – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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HISHE – How It Should Have Ended Style Animation

I’d like to make a cartoon for YouTube like HISHE.  What kind of cartoon software do I need?  Do I need a tablet?  Do I need a microphone?  Any help is appreciated.

I love HISHE, and I know exactly what you want to do.

I highly recommend Anime Studio as your software.  You can usually find an outdated copy on Amazon.com for $6-20, depending on whether you get Debut or Pro.  This is the easiest animation software to use, IMO, and it’s able to basically do everything that high end Hollywood animation software is able to do.  So, you can start out doing just the basic stuff you need, but you can also grow your cartoon base as you want to start using other features.

Since it has such a large user base, you can find plenty of tutorials online, as well as content, if you want to start cranking out your cartoons even faster.

You won’t need a graphics tablet.  The software uses vector layers, so you can control every point, edge thickness, and roundedness of the points.  A graphics tablet actually makes is harder to create good content, if you know how the program works.

As for video editing software, you should be able to do everything you need in your basic free software that comes with your computer.  All you need to do is piece together the individual clips that you create in AS, so Windows Movie Maker is sufficient (or, the program that comes with Apple computers).

As for a microphone, a desktop Logitech microphone is all I ever use, and I freelance making professional cartoons for various companies.  To get studio quality, download Audacity, which is completely free, and use the noise removal feature.  It will give you studio quality vocals every time, as long as you’re not recording next to an airport or train tracks.  Moderate noise is okay, though.

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