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Can I Save A Character In Anime Studio & Use It Again?

“Hey Eric, thanks for the tutorial I made my own character :)
But is it possible to save only your character and use it in other animations?
I have Anime Studio Debut 7.” – Anonymous

Absolutely!  If you already made your cartoon character, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. If you have content besides your character, save your file, so you don’t lose this stuff.
  2. Delete your extra content, leaving only the character you’d like to use again later.
  3. If you have any animation in your timeline, you probably would like to delete it, so you can start from scratch in future cartoons.
  4. Save your file with only your character.

Now, you can open any scene or new file and simply click FILE>Import>Anime Studio file, and select your character.  It’ll be an .anme file in whatever folder you chose to save it in.

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