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Camera Zoom Problem – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Camera Zoom Problem

“Hi, I’m trying Anime Studio 9 debut and am having problems with the zoom camera.

As per the FAQ above, I am able to use the zoom as described, but when I want to use the zoom again further in the peice, it ties itself to the orignal one.

So how do you start and end the zoom process, and then start again in a future frame without it rolling into one. Hope this makes sense. Thanks” – Alan

Yes, I understand what you’re talking about.  There are two ways to fix the issue you’re having. 

  1. Right click on your keyframes in your timeline for your camera zoom, and change the interpolation to “step” instead of “smooth.”
  2. Or, on the frame just prior to your second zoom, set a keyframe by clicking in your scene when you have it at the proper zoom amount.  This will prevent it from zooming in gradually.  So, if you zoomed in on frame 20, then you wanted to zoom out on frame 100, you would make sure you were zoomed in on frame 99.  Then, you would zoom out on frame 100, and it would transition from one to the other in between frame 99 and 100.

Make sense?

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