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My Anime Studio 9 Review – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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My Anime Studio 9 Review

Anime Studio 9,  from Smith Micro, is finally here, and with features that will blow away their “competition.”  In my opinion, if you ever considered upgrading from Debut to Pro, now is the time to do it.  The invention of the new smart bones  feature really gives this software a huge advantage over other programs that are available.  Plus, for those of you who handle large projects, this version will definitely increase productivity with the inclusion of several features to help clean up your work space and organize your project.

Smart Bones are the feature that puts version 9 light years ahead of everyone else!

In the past, 2D animation was limited to point manipulation, or bone manipulation, which would in turn manipulate the points along an axis with the bone.  Now, with the smart bone introduction, your character’s vector points can be tied to bone rotation information.  Watch the video reviews below to see what I mean.  (Note that the smart bones are only available in Anime Studio 9 Pro; they’re not available for the Debut version of the software.)

The contest is now over.  Sorry.  I gave away quite a few memberships and software.  In fact, nearly everyone that participated got at least a free Animation Trainer membership.


Free Smart Bone Rig

For those of you who came here for the eye rig I showed in the review video, here are some things you need to know.

1)  I painted it using styles, so if you open your advanced properties, you can change the skin color using the style for “skin.”  Same thing with the pupil color.

2)  The rig will be revealed below when you “like” this page through one of the social media outlets shown below.  Thanks for your help in sharing this site!


The Bone Rig Is Locked!

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