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Animation Studio Software

“I want to make my own cartoons for hire.  I’d like to start an animation studio in my home and eventually get big enough to have a building and make full length films.  What do you recommend for software?  Are there any I can try for free?  Are there any I can learn fast?  Thanks for your help.” – Anne H.

Free Animation Studio Software

The good news is that any software that’s decent will allow you to download a trial version, usually for 30 days.  The bad news is that most animation programs have their little quirks and require much longer than 30 days to figure out how to do the basics.  I have come across a few that will allow you to keep them indefinitely, but they limit what you can export, or they watermark your cartoon.  I think iClone 4 is one of those programs, if you’re interested in 3d animation.

Best Animation Studio Software

I’ve been asked this over and over, and my opinion still stands:  I believe the best software to get your animation studio up and running is Anime Studio.  Here’s why I think it’s better than all the others:

  • It’s easiest to learn
  • It’s one of the cheapest
  • It has practically all the features of software with a 4 figure price tag
  • Anime Studio Debut 8 even has a beginner’s mode to make it even easier to use.  This is very important because some of these programs may take you years to learn! You want something that will allow you to train potential animators when your studio grows and begins to pick up more work.  I was able to make my first cartoon in about a month, and that was amidst many other things going on and not much time to devote.  See what kind of animation studio software cartoons a beginner on this program could expect.

Check out this link for detailed animation studio software reviews

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