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Anime Studio Blend Morph Tutorial – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Blend Morph Tutorial

Question – “How do I make add a blend morph so that it doesn’t start on frame zero?”

How To Use Anime Studio Pro Blend Morphs

Let’s say we want to insert a head turn blend morph into our main timeline for our cartoon character.  We want him to start turning his head on frame 30 and finish on frame 40.

  1. Go to frame 29 in your timeline.
  2. Open your Anime Studio Pro blend morphs by clicking blend morphs (under the animation tab)
  3. Turn up the default slider, so it’s not on it’s default position (which is all the way to the left).  This will not change your character, but will allow you to set a keyframe.
  4. Click okay to insert this default action keyframe on frame 29.
  5. Now, click your timeline so you’re on frame 40 (our final frame of the head turn animation).
  6. Open your blend morphs again.
  7. Move your head turn (or whatever morph you want to use) slider all the way to the desired final position, and click okay.
  8. Now, scrub through your timeline to see your head turn start on frame 30 and finish on frame 40.

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