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Lost Image In Anime Studio 8 – Image Placeholder – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Lost Image In Anime Studio 8 – Image Placeholder

“I was using Anime Studio 8, and I had an image layer in one of my scenes.  I saved it.  Then, after cleaning up some of my files the image was gone from my cartoon and there was only an image place holder showing.  What happened and how can I fix my animation?”

i lost my image in anime studio 8

Complete file with no lost image of cartoon couch



an image place holder in anime studio 8

Image is lost and now has a placeholder


If you moved an image file from one folder to another while cleaning up your files, don’t worry.  Your work isn’t lost.  The software just doesn’t know where to look for your image.  Remember that when you saved your file as a .anme file, you stored certain information with it, like where to look on your computer for the image contained in your file.  You just need to go in and tell it where the new location is.  Follow the steps below.

How to fix a missing image in Anime Studio 8

how to fix a missing image in anime studio

Steps for fixing a missing image layer


  1. Step 1 – Double-click the image layer that now has the placeholder.  This will open it up for editing.
  2. Step 2 – Select the “image” tab in your options window
  3. Step 3 – Click the “source image” and find the new location of your image on your computer.
  4. Step 4 – Don’t forget to save your work.

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