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Can You Copy Actions From One Character To Another In Anime Studio? – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Can You Copy Actions From One Character To Another In Anime Studio?

I have another question.  Can you copy actions from one character to
another?  I want to make my [characters] dance together in unison.

Anime Studio Tutorial:  How to make your characters move together

No, you can’t copy Anime Studio Pro actions from one character to another, unless…

Here’s the thing.  An action corresponds to a point in a vector layer, a color, a bone, or some other piece of information.  That being said, there is a way to solve your problem.  I covered this in my tutorial for Anime Studio Pro.  I’ll repost the video here, but you amy want to read the original post, too.  If you want your characters to move in unison, you need to create your first character (we’ll call him character A), rig character A with all the actions you can think of, save it, and then save it again as character B, C, D, and so on.  If the action is attached to a vector layer, you’ll need to keep that vector layer associated with your new character, or you lose the action.  If the action is attached to the bones of character A, the action will also be associated with the bones of character B, C, and D.

If you’ve ever watched the Family Guy cartoon, you’ve probably noticed that when characters get injured and fall down, they all end up with one arm behind their back.  Do you knwo the position I’m talking about?  Well, let’s say you were actually creating your own Family Guy show.  You could rig Peter’s skeleton to do the whole falling down sequence.  Then you could reuse the skeleton and attach a Meg, Chris, or Lois set of vector layers to it to make your new cartoon character with Peter’s frame and saved actions.  Then, you could simply insert that action into your scene and have your new character fall down.

Does that make sense?


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