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Anime Studio Tutorial: How To Do Multiple Scenes – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Tutorial: How To Do Multiple Scenes

Thanks Eric,I have another question for you.  If you have animation where you’re switching scenes with the same character, like in one scene he’s in bed in his pajamas, in the next scenes, he’s in a car driving to work… do you create a bunch of switch layers for the scenes with a separate instance of the character in it?  I’m imagining I would have a group layer for each scene with everything I need in it and then a switch layer to change from one scene to another.Also, for audio, do you use other applications like Final Cut?


How do I piece together a bunch of scenes in my animation?

No, you don’t use switch layers or group layers.  Think of the scene you create in Anime Studio as the almost-finished product.  You still have final editing to do in an additional program.  It’s possible to animate everything in Anime Studio, but you’re just creating a bunch of needless work for yourself, and it’s not the way to do it. 

  1. Create a scene with your character and bed.  Animate, save, and export your whole scene.
  2. Either click File>New>Import>Anime Studio Object> and import your character and car, or click Open>Select your character and open his file, then click Import>Anime Studio Object> and import your car.
  3. Animate, save, and render your character and car scene.
  4. Import the rendered files into your Mac’s video editing program or just use Windows Movie Maker if you’re on a PC.
  5. Overlay your soundtrack, title, credits, scene transitions, and anything else you want, and render the final product with all your scenes.

Audio Software

I use audacity for my audio.  I cover it a little bit in the video below, but here are some more details:

  • In your computer’s control panel, under hardware and sound, you need to set your microphone’s input to around 80%.  If you go 100% it’ll be too sensitive and will sound like garbage.  (PC only- sorry Mac user, but I can’t walk you through this)
  • Get a good quality desktop microphone.  If you go too high of quality you’ll pick up too much background noise. 
  • Use Audacity to record your audio tracks.  When recording, be sure to record for about three or four seconds before you actually say anything.  This provides the software with a neutral sample to compare to. 
  • When you finish recording your audio track, highlight your audio track by clicking and dragging, then click Effect>Noise Removal.  This will remove the tones found in the neutral sample I mentioned in the step above.
  • Now, you can import those individual voice samples into Papagayo or Anime Studio to lip sync.



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