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Anime Studio Pro Tutorial: Can I Move A Layer During My Animation?


I was trying to move a body part behind another body part during my cartoon.  Is there a way to do this?

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Yes, Jimmy.  You can move a layer farther back into your scene during the animation.  This happens often.  You may have a character that scratches his face and then scratches the back of his head.  It’s pretty easy to make the hand go from being in front of the head to behind it.  Sometimes, it can get complicated if you didn’t setup a character properly when you created him, but for the most part, it can easily be done.

What does the “enable animated layer order” feature do in Anime Studio?

 I can’t remember if Debut can do this, but I know the Pro version can.

1)  In your layers tree, find the uppermost layer of your character (or whatever you want to do this with).

2)  Double-click the layer and go to the “Depth Sort” tab.

3)  Check the box for “enable animated layer order.” 

4)  At whatever frame you want to move the layer, select the frame in your timeline and drag the layer to the new position.  You should notice a new keyframe set in your timeline, and you should be able to scrub through the timeline and watch the layer move, if you were successful.


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