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Anime Studio Debut Tutorial – How To Fake A Sheared Image – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Debut Tutorial – How To Fake A Sheared Image

A question came in from one of my YouTube channel viewers.  First of all, thanks for communicating your question clearly so that I could understand it.  I appreciate that.  Secondly, thanks for asking a question that I haven’t already answered in one of my Anime Studio tutorials.  I really can’t stand when people create more work for me by asking questions that I’ve already taken the time to answer clearly, just because they’re too lazy to type it into the search bar and find it.  (That’s my rant for today – I’m done, now.)


First of all, your tutorial videos on using anime studio debut really helped me learn to use the program and i have been pumping out alot of shorts in the last few weeks.

I have anime studio debut 6, and i was wondering if it is possible to make an image object fall forward. basically i’m trying to make a fake background set fall forward almost on to the characters, thus revealing the actual location.

is it possible?


Anime Studio Debut Tutorial

How To Shear An Image In Anime Studio Debut

How To Setup The Image

  1. Import your image.  File>Import>Image
  2. Create a Bone Layer
  3. Put the image layer in the bone layer
  4. Click the bone layer and add a bone in front of the image
  5. Click the image layer, click the attach layer to bone tool, and click the bone to attach the image layer to it.

How To Animate

  1. Select the point in your timeline that’s one frame before where you want your image to start shearing.
  2. Select the point on your timeline where you want the shearing to stop.
  3. Click the scale bones tool.
  4. Left click the bone the image is attached to and drag to the left to shear it and set your final keframe.


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