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GIMP Tutorial: Photo Manipulation Special Effects – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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GIMP Tutorial: Photo Manipulation Special Effects

Photo Manipulation In GIMP

Who is this kid?  Awesome job, young man, whoever you are.  Everyone should check out his YouTube channel if you really want to see some more GIMP tutorials that will blow your mind.

Watch as this young man resizes his own photos, shrinking himself down and adding some special effects to make it appear as if he was tiny and on top of his desk.  He really puts in the detail, too.  I could learn a lot from him!

Gimp Beginner’s Tutorial

This isn’t a bad tutorial on a few of the basic tools GIMP has to offer.  Nothing really in depth like the kid in the GIMP tutorial above had.

More Tutorials

Check here if you want more great GIMP tutorials.

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