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Anime Studio Question: Bone Binding For Head Turns

How do I bind the bones in the group layer?

I created a character based on your tutorials with a Head Turn switch layer inside a bone layer. I’m having trouble binding the bones inside the Head Default group layer. I was able to bind the Head Turn layer to the main bone in the head. However the character has antennas. They each have 3 bones which are children of the main head bone. How do I bind the antenna bones to the shapes? The video I attached is how they moved before I created the groups. (I forgot to do that first) I was able to bind the antenna bones to the antennas and turn on the bone dynamics so they wiggle. But now that I created the group layer, I can’t do it.




The problem you keep getting is due to the location of the antenna.  Right now they’re in the head turn switch layer.  Everything in your head turn switch layer falls under the bone the head turn switch layer is attached to.  You can’t have things attached to multiple bones unless you put a bone layer inside your switch layer.  If you create another bone layer between your hair and antenna layers, you can make the bones for the antenna and will be able to attach them.  Note:  It looks like this is Anime Studio Pro 7, which means that you won’t be able to use physics with your character once you do this.  A bone layer within another bone layer will render the physics inoperative.


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