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Motivational Cartoon


Amateur Cartoons With Millions Of Views

I thought everyone could use a little motivation for their cartoon making.  Here are some cartoons that have a ton of views.  Do you see the advertisement that pops up part way through the cartoon?  That’s because this YouTube user was made a partner in YouTube’s partner program.  When you become a partner, they put ads on your video.  When someone clicks on the ad, you get paid a small amount of money; anywhere from pennies to dollars, depending on the type of ad and competition an advertiser may have.

You Can Make These Cartoons!

Notice the detail in these cartoons.  There’s not a lot of hard animation, yet they still get millions of views.  A lot of times we want to focus on making a cartoon look perfect, but that’s not always what makes it big.  Think about South Park and stick figure animation.  Both examples get millions, if not tens of millions of views.  That can translate into some serious cash with YouTube’s partner network.  That just goes to show you that you don’t need quality animation.  Instead, focus on your storyline.  Come up with something unique or stupid, put it out there, and see how many views it gets.

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