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Anime Studio Tutorial- Walk Cycle Animation – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Tutorial- Walk Cycle Animation

How do I make a cartoon character walk in Anime Studio?

There’s no point in making my own tutorial.  I found this one online, and it works just fine.  Don’t mind the intro.  It won’t actually show you how to make your cartoon walk like that one.  The tutorial’s much better, and actually shows what’s basically the “industry standard” way of creating a profile walk cycle.

How do a I do a front view walk cycle?

I highly recommend creating your cartoon character with at least two sets of legs, put into a switch layer folder.  One set should have bones that will allow you to pose them from the profile and 3/4 views.  The other set should be used for walk cycles.  This second set would actually consist of many different pairs of legs, also in a switch layer folder.  This is where you’d put the straight on views of your character’s legs.

What’s the easiest way to do a walk cycle in Anime Studio?

One of the features of the Anime Studio software is the ability to switch between different set layers with switch layers.  If you line your character up with the diagram you saw in the tutorial video above, you can actually create each stage of the walk cycle as its own vector layer.  Then, you simply put that vector layer inside of your “Legs” switch layer folder and name them something like this:

  • walk cycle start
  • walk cycle 1
  • walk cycle 2
  • walk cycle 3
  • walk cycle stop
  • sneak cycle start
  • sneak cycle 1
  • sneak cycle 2
  • run cycle start
  • run cycle 1

You get the idea.  That way, when you switch between them, you know what order they go in, and you don’t confuse them.

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