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Anime Studio Debut 7 Product Overview – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Debut 7 Product Overview

Anime Studio Debut 7 Features

I thought it might be handy to post this official video of the Anime Studio Debut 7 features.  I don’t actually own Debut 7, but you can at least consult this video for more information.  I have Anime Studio Pro 6, Anime Studio Debut 6, and Anime Studio Pro 7.  I can tell you that the biggest difference between the Debut and Pro version (at least for me) is that with Pro I have the ability to save actions, which are animations that can be reused later in other scenes.  Plus, it allows me to use sterioscopic 3D features, and 3 dimensional scene layout.  I don’t use features like the physics engine or 3D modeling feature very often.

If you want the official features comparison chart, visit Smith Micro directly.

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