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Anime Studio 7 Follow Path – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio 7 Follow Path

Follow Path Tool:

Both Anime Studio Debut 7 and Anime Studio Pro 7 have a tool you can use called FOLLOW PATH.  It allows you to have something in your scene follow an invisible (or visible, if you wanted) path.

Why would you use the follow path tool?

A good example where this would come in handy is a jet you wanted to fly a set course.  Rather than animate each frame of a scene, you can simply draw the line, place the object on the line, set the end location for the jet and key frame you want it to end on, and hit play.  Anime Studio 7 will animate all the frames in between.

The nice thing is, you can even have your object go “nose first” if you want.

How to use the follow path tool:

For this example, the jet is the object that will be following the path of the line.

  1. It doesn’t matter whether your line is above or below the jet layer in the layers tree.
  2. Create a line layer with the add points tool, which will render invisible, or create it with the freehand tool.  If you make it with the freehand tool, be sure to double click the line vector layer in the layers tree and check the 2nd box down in the “General” tab, which says, “Don’t render this layer.” 
  3. Now, click the jet layer.  Click the Follow Path tool.
  4. Click the spot on the line you want the jet to start at.
  5. Click in your timeline to the time where you want the jet to stop.
  6. Click the point on the line where you want the jet to stop following the path.
  7. You’ve now set the start and end key frames, and Anime Studio 7 will interpolate the frames in between.

Anime Studio Follow Path

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