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I keep losing my animation work in Anime Studio 7! – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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I keep losing my animation work in Anime Studio 7!

“In the characters that I have from you there are men walking to me, but they are also visible from the sides etc. Every time when I set up a project with a man for example walking to me from far away all goes well until I want to switch to the man walking from the side.   As soon as I enter the new pose all the old work somehow seems to vanish and I only see the new pose. How can I have all these different poses working well together?”

If you’re losing your animation, this is probably what’s happening:

1)  You’re not setting your key frames over time in your timeline, or
2)  You never set an initial switch layer keyframe, but you set keyframes for all the other animation in your file.  Remember that all the arm movements, etc. you’ve set keyframes for have happened within one of three switch layers; front, side, or back view.  If you recorded keyframes for the front view on frames 1-20 (for example), but you never set a switch layer keyframe to make sure the file is showing the front view from frames 1-20, you won’t see it.  You don’t need to start over, though.  Just go to frame zero or 1 and right click to set the “front” switch layer.

I’ll try to post some photos or a video to make things a bit more clear, but I hope you know what I mean- at least, for now.

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