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How to Draw the Chowder Cartoon Character – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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How to Draw the Chowder Cartoon Character

How to draw Chowder from Cartoon Network

This isn’t so much a tutorial on how to draw him as it is a tutorial on how to animate him like they do.  I don’t mean to be misleading, but if I named my post, “How to make chowder,” I’d have 100,000 New Englanders on my site looking for recipes.

If you’ve ever watched Chowder, the cartoon, you’ll notice that, as he walks, the background pattern of certain items stay the same as the object moves.  For instance, his hat moves, but the pattern it was colored with stays the same.  This effect is super easy to get in Anime Studio.  It’s as simple as not applying a pattern, or image texture, to your object.  You’ll find the image texture feature in your Style window, under the fill color picker.

image texture upload spot

Anime Studio IMAGE TEXTURE Effect

Where can I find patterns to use?

Do a Google Images search for the phrase “royalty free patterns.” This will give you a ton of patterns and designs to choose from. You can find burlap, camouflage, flowers, etc., that you can then paint your cartoon character with.

How do I apply the image texture?

Once the proper texture is chosen from your hard drive, all you need to do is paint it on with the paint bucket tool, or use the create shape tool to apply what you’ve already selected.

Next, add bones:

Once a minimum of one bone is added to your object, you can animate your scene while your pattern stays still.

But, here’s the trick…

You can’t move your character or object with the translate layer tool! You must move your character with the translate bone tool (preferably on the main bone of your character), and it must be on any frame other than frame zero.  Using this tool on frame zero will only reposition the bones for animation.  Using it in your animation will move the character through your scene while the effect must remain still.

What do you think? Does it work, or did I give you bad instructions? Tell me your experience below.

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