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How Do I Upload To YouTube Or Import To Another Movie Editor? – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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How Do I Upload To YouTube Or Import To Another Movie Editor?

How do I upload to YouTube?

Anime Studio Pro, at least versions 6 and 7 (I don’t know about the others) have the ability to directly upload  to YouTube and Facebook.  It’s as easy as just clicking File>Upload to YouTube, and then choosing an already rendered animation clip.  It will give you a chance to verify that you have the correct animation, and then ask you to enter your YouTube username and password, if you haven’t already.

How do I import my animation to another movie editor?

I can’t address all the movie editors out there, but I can walk you through the first step in the process, which is exporting the cartoon you’ve made.  This is also the first step to uploading to Facebook or YouTube.

  1. Click File>Export animation in your upper left hand tabs.
  2. It will ask you which frames you want to export.  You will never start with frame zero!  Always choose some other frame, but it doesn’t have to be frame 1.
  3. To test your animation, without waiting for the high quality version to render, check the box titled, “Render at half dimensions.”  This is good practice.  You don’t want to wait all day, only to find out you made a mistake in your cartoon.  Otherwise,
  4. Make sure these boxes are checked:  Antialiased edges, apply shape effects, apply layer effects, and extra smooth images.
  5. Select your output format.  I always do AVI, since it’s so widely accepted.  Mac users may want to use Quicktime Movie.
  6. Assuming you’re using AVI as your output format, click OK.
  7. Choose a name and folder to save your rendered animation to, and ok it.
  8. After a second or two, it will pop up another window.  Some versions may actually put this window behind the main screen.  In which case, you need to minimize your main screen to find it.  If nothing happens after ten seconds or so, this is probably your problem. 
  9. The screen that popped up is your video compression screen.  I usually choose either Full frames (uncompressed) or Microsoft Video 1.  They’re both very good, but the Microsoft choice will allow you to render at less that full quality for faster rendering.  You really only need it uncompressed if you’re releasing a 1080 dpi high def DVD or something.
  10. Okay your choice, and wait.  Rendering takes a long time in any program, but Anime Studio is one of the fastest I’ve owned; especially Anime Studio 7.

That’s it.  Once the file is done rendering, upload it to your video editing software.

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