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Cartoon Clouds – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Cartoon Clouds

How do I make cartoon clouds in Anime Studio?

When making clouds in Anime Studio, whether you’re using Anime Studio Debut or Anime Studio Pro, it’s important to use a couple of your effects to make the cloud look real.

Effect 1:  Soft edge.  If you’re making a cloud that fills your opening camera box, you’ll want the effect to be in proportion to it, so make sure you turn your blur radius to about 50.

Effect 2:  Shaded.  Most clouds are not pure white in appearance, so you’ll want to use a little shading to blend a white or gray look with a darker shade of gray.

Here are my settings for a cloud the size of the default camera box:

Light angle: 90-ish

Offset: 88

Blur:  116

Shadow Color:  Default

If you were to use a gradient instead of the shading feature, you may end up with problems as your clouds move across the sky.  Your gradient might not follow.  This technique, however, will make sure your scene looks natural.

Here are the clouds in front of a sky background:

These are saved as jpeg files, so you won’t be able to animate them.  They must remain still.


Stormy clouds in jpeg


White cloud in jpeg format in front of sky


Cartoon cloud, partly gray in jpeg with sky


Small, puffy cartoon cloud in jpeg format


Long cloud in jpeg format in front of blue sky

Here are the clouds in transparent .png and .jpeg for you to use in your own animations:


Click to open the image in a much larger window.  If you don’t see anything, right click and “Save As…” anyway.  You don’t see it because it’s a white cloud on a white background.

transparent png background cloud

White Stratus Cloud


Stormy clouds


This is a white cloud in transparent png format, and it’s in front of a white web background. Trust me, it’s there.


Cartoon cloud, partly gray


Puffy cartoon cloud, mostly gray


Long cartoon cloud with gray color in it

Here is some free cloud clipart with black outlines:

soft outline fluffy clipart cloud

Another transparent png background that’s hard to see. It’s a white cloud with a soft white outline.

plain white cartoon cloud with black outline

Here’s a plain white cartoon cloud with a black outline.

black outline, white cloud with shade

Here’s a white cloud with a black outline for a more cartoony look.

medium gray cloud with a black outline

Here’s a medium gray cloud with a black outline.

cloud dark gray black outline

This clipart cloud is free to use, just like the rest of them, and it has a black outline with dark underside.

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