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How do I start with Anime Studio? – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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How do I start with Anime Studio?

How to get started in Anime Studio:

Here’s an Anime Studio question I got from a user, and this is probably one of the most asked Anime Studio question, ever.

In Anime Studio Debut 7, how do you make a character?
( Is there like a certain area where you make the character )

Do I save it, and then import it into another animation later without having to start a new project?

That’s a good question.  That’s exactly the problem I have with starting a project in any 3d program, so I understand entirely where you’re coming from.

Here are the steps to starting a project in Anime Studio:

1)  Click File>New. Create your whole character and save as “character” (or whatever you want to save it as. Remember where you saved him. I usually create a folder on my desktop labeled “Animation,” and inside is a folder for characters, one for scenes, etc.

2)  Repeat step one for your scene

3)  Open a new file and click Import> Anime Studio Object, and import your scene. (This will let you import any .anme file you have saved.)

3)  Click Import> Anime Studio Object, and import your character. You’ll have to choose which layers of your scene you want to import him between. Any layers above him in your layer tree (right hand side of screen) will be in front of hm in your scene.

4)  Save this scene ( I recommend creating a folder for “scenes” in your animation folder I mentioned in step 1).

How to make an Anime Studio character:

If you want to learn how to make the actual character, I recommend watching the video series on How to make a character in Anime Studio.

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