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Anime Studio Help- Fixing a Character Warped with Bones – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Help- Fixing a Character Warped with Bones

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Why does my Anime Studio character warp when adding bones?

An http://www.animationtrainer.com subscriber sent me this character, which had become badly warped when he added bones to it.  He’s graciously allowed me to use it in this tutorial, so everyone can know how to fix or avoid making these same mistakes.  This character warping is probably the most common problem I get asked about, and usually it is fixed by remembering two main points.

The two main points to remember when adding bones are:

  1. Turn your bone strength all the way off, unless you’re warping a jpeg file.  If you’re using a vector layer, always rig your character so an entire layer can be bound to a bone.  If that’s not an option, use your bind points tool to pick the points you want to bind to a bone.
  2. Create shapes within a single vector layer to avoid “the disappearing crossover.”  If a layer crosses over itself, it will vanish, unless there is one “shape” crossing another “shape” within the same vector layer.

Let me know if this tutorial helped you.

This is one of the most common problems with Anime Studio.  If some part of this tutorial helped you out, please leave a comment below (you can leave email and website fields blank).  You comments could possibly help fix future versions of Anime Studio.

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