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Cartoon Cave Royalty Free – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Cartoon Cave Royalty Free

royalty free cartoon cave

Royalty free cartoon cave, Osama and Abu characters not included

Download the cave for Anime Studio


Cartoon Cave for Anime Studio

I created this Anime Studio cave for you to download to use in your cartoons, royalty free.  All of the downloads are now consolidated on one downloads page for your convenience.

Cave Features

There aren’t many to list; it’s a very basic design.  The very back of the cave has a hole in though, which you may need to know about.  This allows you to create a light or dark background in your FILE> Preferences area.  Plus, you can make a character appear by hiding behind the actual cave layer, and moving him in front of the hole.

Additional Cartoon Options

For the benefit of non-Anime Studio users, I’ve also included a copy of the cave in transparent png format.  Get the transparent png here.



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