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Auto-stroke Tool Problems – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Auto-stroke Tool Problems

Auto-stroke Tool Problem

I’m having problems with the Auto-stroke Tool:

HI Eric, Ive got a problem with my AS 7 PRO. Everytime i make a character i have this issue with the strokes.
Im doing my characters without the strokes for a more cleaner lkooking character. But now after a few days i cannot get rid of the stroke. (the stroke color is black when i remove them) then in my preview render the strokes becomes orange. any idéas on how i remove them? (tryed hide edge but still the same). thanks

Using the right tool for strokes:

When creating your character, it’s important to remember that the Add Points Tool goes with the Stroke Checkbox in your Stylewindow.  The Auto-stroke checkbox on the top of your screen goes with the Freehand Tool.  If, at any time in the creation of your cartoon character, you use the Create Object Tool, you will transfer the current settings of the Style window to the new object you just created.  This could be the cause of your strokes coming back.

Additional stroke problems:

Additionally, because you have Anime Studio Pro, you have the option of transferring your Advanced Styles to your cartoon character, even though you may not know you’ve selected them.  Click your Advanced checkbox in your Styles window, and see if any advanced styles are selected.

I hope one of these solutions solved your Auto-stroke Tool problem:

It’s entirely possible that it’s just a glitch in the software due to a download error.  I’ve never experienced anything like it, aside from human error because I forgot what I had selected.  Please keep us posted.


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