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Anime Studio Camera Tutorial – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Camera Tutorial

As a newcomer to Anime Studio Debut 7 I’m trying to make a camera movement within my project. How do I get the camera to move at a point part way through the film? At present any movement is applied from frame 0, which is not what I want.  – Rod W.

Anime Studio Camera Tutorial

Good question, Rod.  Let’s say you wanted to start zooming in on a character’s face 10 seconds into your cartoon.  If you go to frame 240 (10 seconds X 24 frames per second), and you zoom the camera to where you want it, you’ll have a problem.  Since you never set a keyframe before frame 240, the program thinks you want to evenly zoom in between frames 1 and 240.

How to make Anime Studio’s camera track properly:

  1. Ensure there are no camera changes throughout the file.  You must remove them by highlighting the camera keyframes and deleting them.  DON’T click on the camera tools and try to use the feature Remove animation from layer!  It will remove the animation from the layer you have selected in your layer tree, not your camera!
  2. When there is no camera movement in your file, go to the frame just prior to where you want the camera zoom to start.  In our example, you’d go to frame 239.
  3. Click on frame 239 to highlight it with the red line.
  4. Click the Zoom Camera tool on the left side of your screen.
  5. Click inside the scene, without moving anything as you click.  In other words, click quickly, and click in one spot.  Don’t move the camera at all.  When you click, you set a keyframe in your cartoon’s timeline.  Think of that keyframe as a marker to tell Anime Studio where to start or stop an action.
  6. Highlight frame 240, and click inside the scene without moving around (setting another keyframe).
  7. Advance your timeline to the frame where you want your camera zoom to finish.  We’ll use frame 270 for our example.
  8. Click the Zoom Camera tool and zoom in to where you want it to end up.  You should now have a keyframe for your Zoom Camera tool on frames 239, 240, and 270.  Your camera will stay put between frames zero and 239, and then it will zoom between frames 240 and 270.

Just so you know, the click on frame 239 isn’t necessary.  I do it because it makes it really easy to keep track of actions for editing purposes, just in case I make a mistake somewhere or don’t like the way something looks and want to make a quick change.  I can identify very fast what I want to highlight and delete.  Everyone has there own style of doing it, and you’ll find your own groove eventually.

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