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Cartoon Learning

cartoon learning

Cartoons involve learning how to use layers. This cartoon character has about 100 layers, though you can't see them all.

Cartoon learning for beginners:

If you’re new to cartoon learning, my biggest piece of advice is- BE PATIENT! It takes time to learn how to make cartoons. People think that because they can draw they can also make cartoons. That’s probably true, at least with 2D cartoons. (3D cartoons are another matter entirely!) Don’t think you can just draw your cartoon character, though. You need to think in terms of depth and dimension, making sure to put hands in front of sleeve openings, sleeve opening in front of forearms, forearms in front of upper arms, and then being able to change each piece’s look and angle as your character moves.

Which cartoon program is best for a beginner:

If you’re new to cartoon learning, you’ll want to select an easy to use program for beginners. It’s no secret that my favorite all round cartoon program is Anime Studio. Even the cheaper Debut version can create professional looking cartoons.

Anime Studio:

  • Is affordable
  • Is professional
  • Is one of the easiest animation programs to learn (IMHO)
  • Is efficient for making cartoons FAST, especially the Pro version
  • Has a large base of users and lots of tutorials online


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