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Anime Studio- The Best Mouth Switch Layer Rig – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio- The Best Mouth Switch Layer Rig

What is the best mouth switch layer setup in Anime Studio?

In my opinion, the best way to do a cartoon character’s mouth is by using GROUP LAYERS (or BONE LAYERS for Anime Studio Debut users) that contain the phoneme mouth shapes. By using GROUP LAYERS, I can separate my mouth’s teeth from the rest of the mouth, and this becomes an easy way to edit it and turn it into a mouth with bunny teeth, no teeth, no top or bottom teeth, etc.

I create a switch layer for happy mouths, sad mouths, angry mouths, and so on, and then I lipsync the appropriate mouth to the audio I’ve imported. This gives my cartoon characters more emotion and makes the scene funnier than it would be with one style of mouth.

Here's what a happy cartoon mouth looks like

Happy Looking Cartoon Mouth

Here's what a worried mouth looks like on your cartoon character.

Worried Cartoon Mouth

This cartoon character has his jaw dropped in a surprised look

This Anime Studio Mouth Has a Dropped Jaw


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