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Anime Studio Pro Styles – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Pro Styles

What are styles in Anime Studio Pro?

Styles are a way to edit your animation content very fast.  For example, let’s say you created a cartoon character that 100 different body parts that were skin colored.  His hand switch layers, face, nose, eyelids, etc. for all different angles of your character.  Let’s say you want to use the same character form, but change him from caucasian to some other ethnicity.  If you had created a “SKIN STYLE,” you could simply click on the style and change its color, changing every single animation layer that’s painted (or created) with the skin style, all with the click of your mouse.  This saves you from having to repaint every single layer.  Sorry Anime Studio Debut users, but you don’t have this option.

How do I use styles with Anime Studio Pro?

I’ll show you in the video, but the most important thing to remember about styles is that you change an already created style by clicking in the red windows shown here:

anime studio pro styles

Anime Studio Pro Styles Windows

If you want to create something in a style, you select an already created style in the blue highlighted window, and you just use it as if you would normally select the colors for the paintbucket or the freehand tool.

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