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Anime Studio- How to Scale Bones – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio- How to Scale Bones

Anime Studio scale bones translate bones

Anime Studio scale bones tool and translate bones tool

What does the SCALE BONES TOOL do?

The SCALE BONES TOOL allows you to resize your bone and the corresponding parts attached to it, but it only works in an animation.  If you’re on frame zero, it’s inactive.  Notice how I’m on frame zero in the above picture and it’s gray in color, but once I switch to a different frame, as seen in the picture below, it becomes available.

Anime Studio scale bones tool active

Anime Studio SCALE BONES TOOL is now active

How do I scale a bone in my animation?

To scale a bone in your animation, you need to highlight the frame (not frame zero) where you want to make the change, and left-click and drag the bone you want to change; dragging to the left makes it smaller, and dragging it to the right makes it bigger.

How do I scale a bone on frame zero?

If you made a bone the incorrect size, it can be resized on frame zero with the TRANSLATE BONE TOOL, highlighted in green in the top picture.  This won’t change the size of the stuff attached to it.  On frame zero, the TRANSLATE BONE TOOL will move a bone, if you grab the short end of the bone, or it will lengthen or shorten a bone if you grab the longer end of it.  (See picture below.  Click to enlarge.)

How to Translate Bones in Anime Studio

Translate bones in Anime Studio without moving vector layer

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