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Anime Studio Duplicate Layer Tool

What does the DUPLICATE LAYER TOOL in Anime Studio Pro or Debut do?

As you may have guessed, the DUPLICATE LAYER TOOL will copy the layer you currently have selected in your layers tree.

How do I use the DUPLICATE LAYER TOOL in Anime Studio Debut or Pro?

Highlight the layer you want to duplicate by clicking on it, then click the button above it that looks like a sticky-pad note with a plus sign.  The layer will duplicate.  If you select a layer that has other layers inside of it, like a bone layer with arms and legs, the layers inside of it will also duplicate.

This is a good way to create head turns for your cartoon character.  Make a head group layer containing all pieces of your head, put it inside of a switch layer folder, duplicate the head group layer, then make slight changes in your cartoon character’s head until you’ve got enough switch layers that you can do a smooth head turn.

anime studio duplicate layer tool

How to use the DUPLICATE LAYER TOOL in Anime Studio

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