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Anime Studio Debut or Anime Studio Pro Head Turn Setup – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Debut or Anime Studio Pro Head Turn Setup

Setting up your cartoon character’s head turn correctly is very important and will save you a ton of time in the future!

If you follow these steps and take advantage of the origin and flip layers tools, you will save yourself a lot of work.

Steps for your head turn:

  1. Anime Studio Pro users:  Put all your character’s head pieces (not the neck) into one folder.  Anime Studio Debut users can substitute a bone layer for a folder layer (which they can’t create).
  2. Set your origin for this folder in the head, directly above the center of the neck.  When we flip this layer to perform a head turn, the head will flip around this origin point.
  3. Put that folder (or bone layer for Debut users) into a switch layer folder.
  4. Now, go back to your original folder (or bone layer) with your head’s side view, and click on the duplicate layer tool.  This will duplicate every piece within the folder or bone layer.
  5. Now, click the new duplicate head folder in your layers tree, click the translate layers button, and click the button to flip layer horizontally.  This will flip your entire cartoon character’s head around the origin point that you set.  Your head should be correctly situated above the neck, if you followed these instructions, but it should now be looking in the opposite direction from your original head.
  6. Now, any time you want to turn your character’s head, you just right click in your switch layer folder and check which layer you want.  (BTW, don’t forget to rename your layers so you can remember which one’s which.)

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