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Anime Studio Tutorials: Stop Motion Animation – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Tutorials: Stop Motion Animation

Can I use Anime Studio 7 Pro to make stop-motion animation?

Yes.  Any version of Anime Studio can do stop-motion animation.

How to make stop-motion animation:

1)  Remember that your layer visibility (the eyes in your LAYERS tree) does not animate (allow changes over time).  It will only turn the LAYER’s visibility on or off for the whole document.

2)  The eyes must be turned on for each layer you want to animate!

3)  Double-clicking a LAYER will open the window that allows animation.  Checking the boxes in this window will turn a property on or off on whatever keyframe you have selected at the time of the box-checking.

4)  For stop-motion, you will uncheck the box titled “Visible” while you check the box on the next layer you want to show, and so on.


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