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Anime Studio Pro Tutorial- How to create and use actions – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Pro Tutorial- How to create and use actions

Tips for using “ACTIONS” with Anime Studio Pro 6 or Anime Studio Pro 7:

  • Actions and blend morphs are directly related, but before you create a bunch of actions to use as blend morphs, watch the blend morph tutorial.  They must be created a certain way!
  • Once an ACTION is created, any changes you make to any part of any LAYER will be incorporated into that ACTION, until you go back to MAINLINE.
  • When inserting ACTIONS into your main timeline, the ACTION that gets inserted will be related to whatever LAYER you currently have highlighted.  If you created an ACTION named “WALK CYCLE” on your character’s BONE LAYER that moved his arms and legs in a walk cycle, but you click on his right arm and try to insert the ACTION named “WALK CYCLE,” it will only insert the action for the right arm LAYER.
  • ACTIONS can be moved in your main timeline by left-clicking and dragging the dot on the left of the inserted ACTION.

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If you have a question on ACTIONS, ask it in the comments section, below.

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