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Anime Studio – How to Make Blend Morphs – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio – How to Make Blend Morphs

How to use blend morphs in Anime Studio Pro 6 or Anime Studio Pro 7 software:

1)  Open your ACTIONS window and create a new ACTION

2)  You can change any parameter of your animation here.  You can translate points, translate layers, move bones, change colors, change line width, etc.

3)  DO NOT make any of your changes on any frame other than frame 1!  Actions with changes past frame 1 are automatically limited to being an action, only.  Actions created on keyframe 1 may be used as actions or blend morphs.

4)  Whenever possible you should create your action for the most basic layer you can.  If you need an eyebrow raised, don’t click on your bone layer and create an action for the eyebrow that’s 20 layers down into your bone layer.  Blend morphs take a lot of processor power!!  Complicated blend morphs, such as a head turn involving moving the eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, mouth switch layers, etc., will bog down your computer, so keep it simple when you can.

How to insert your BLEND MORPHS into your main timeline:

1)  You CAN NOT access your blend morphs from frame zero!

2)  Select the frame where you want your blend morphs to start.

3)  Slide the default cursor all the way to the right to set the keyframe where your morph will start, and click “OK” to insert your starting reference.

4)  Select the frame where you want your morph to end, slide any number of the morph cursors until you get the look you want, and click “OK” to insert the keyframe where your blend morphs will be completed.  Be sure to copy these frames and paste them at the point where your character should begin going back to default or another pose.

5)  To reset your character back to normal, select the keyframe where you want them to be at default, and insert your default, as you did in step 3.

Eyebrow raised from blend morph


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