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Anime Studio Pro 7 Review – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Pro 7 Review

Anime Studio Pro 7 has physics and 3D capabilities that are incredibly intuitive! 

3D Capabilities:

I bought Anime Studio Pro 7 yesterday, the day after I got the new release email from Smith Micro.  All I can say is, WOW!”  It’s so easy to use, I already made a character’s head in 3D (not sure how well it will animate, though) and a truck in 3D, just playing around for a few hours.  The new Lathe, Extrude, and Inflate tools make creating stuff in 3D so easy.  In the past, I’ve tried other 3D modeling and computer animation programs, and I always found them too complicated to use.  It’s really pretty intuitive with Anime Studio Pro 7.  The downside is, you don’t have all the options for shading and coloring 3 dimensionally like you have with Blender.  It’s great for creating simple 3D things, though, and you can export them as .obj files!  I’ve also noticed that version 7 isn’t getting bogged down like version 6 did for me when I added .obj files or text.

A word about the new Anime Studio physics engine:

AWESOME!  Okay, maybe a few more words.  Adding gears and gravity to animations is so easy.  If you want something to react to physics, you just put it in a group layer and activate the physics.

Anime Studio Debut 7 Review:

I don’t have much to say about Anime Studio Debut 7, since I bypassed it altogether and went for the Pro version, but I do know something about it.  One of the biggest changes that I noticed from Anime Studio 6 to Anime Studio 7 is the two bars that go across my screen when it renders the animation.  It seems to render even faster than before!

The other really huge change to the software is in the text layers.  Remember how the program would sometimes crash or start “not responding” when you would try to insert text into a scene?  Once you got the text into the scene it was fine, but you had to always save your work beforehand and proceed with caution.  Not anymore!  The text tool inserts text flawlessly now, making Anime Studio 7 now my #1 program for creating text banners for websites with a nice looking 3D drop shadow.  (I can make a banner like this in about a minute.)

Download Anime Studio 7

There’s an Anime Studio demo download where you can actually download Anime Studio free for 30 days, directly from the manufacturer.  I highly recommend trying other programs before downloading it.  Get a basic understanding of animation programs from Creatoon, Synfig, or Pencil, and then download Anime Studio 7, and see how much better it is than the others.

Great job, Smith Micro!

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