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Anime Studio Pro 7 Physics Tutorial – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Pro 7 Physics Tutorial

Here’s my review of the new physics engine for Anime Studio Pro 7.

(You can find the official tutorial under HELP>HELP…, page 130 in your Anime Studio Pro 7 User’s Manual.)

Important points to remember (I believe these are all correct):

  • You can only enable physics on objects within a GROUP LAYER.  Place your layers into a GROUP LAYER and under the PHYSICS tab of your GROUP LAYER, check the box titled, “Enable physics.”  Your default gravity value seems to be normal earth gravity speed and direction.
  • IMAGE LAYERS will not react to physics on their own! If you create a .png file, such as a photo of a basketball, it must be in a BONE LAYER, and it must be attached to the bone!
  • SWITCH LAYERS will not react to physics if they are the uppermost layer! One of my earlier creations had a SWITCH LAYER for the uppermost layer, with left and right facing bone layers inside for my character.  There is no way to enable physics on this character while he is in the SWITCH LAYER!  I must pull the bone layer out and put it in a group.
  • BONE LAYERS within BONE LAYERS will only react to physics if you add a bone field with your BONE PHYSICS TOOL, which acts like your BONE STRENGTH TOOL.  Be sure to add this to each BONE LAYER in your file.


Creating your scene (simple version):

  • If you want a ball to fall on a basketball court and bounce, put the court VECTOR LAYER and the basketball VECTOR LAYER in your GROUP LAYER.
  • Enable physics for all three layers (2 vectors and a group) by double-clicking the layer in the LAYERS pane and checking the box titled, “Enable physics” in the PHYSICS TAB.
  • On your basketball court VECTOR LAYER’s PHYSICS TAB, also click the box titled, “Non-moving object.”  This will prevent your court form falling off the scene from gravity and will enable your ball to bounce on it.
  • Now, raise your ball up and click the PLAY button to add the keyframes.

Creating your scene (complex version):

  • You could also have your court or your basketball contained in its own GROUP LAYER or BONE LAYER, provided it doesn’t break any of the rules listed in red above.
  • If you wanted your basketball to pop and go flat when it hit the court the first time, you would need to create the normal and the flat VECTOR LAYERS for the two ball images.
  • Stick these two VECTOR LAYERS inside a SWITCH LAYER.  Put the SWITCH LAYER in a BONE LAYER.  Use your ADD BONE TOOL to make a bone.  Now, attach both ball VECTOR LAYERS to the bone.  Enable physics for your BONE LAYER, and hit the PLAY button.  Your ball should drop, and you can now use your SWITCH LAYER folder to switch your falling ball from normal to flat on the keyframe where it hits the court.


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