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Free Anime Studio Content- Classroom – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Free Anime Studio Content- Classroom

Free Anime Studio 6 Classroom

Free Anime Studio 6 Classroom

Download the Classroom for Anime Studio

Free Anime Studio Content- A Classroom Scene for your Cartoon Animation

I tried to include it all in this Free Anime Studio 6 classroom.  The teacher’s desk has a front and a back; so does the classroom.  The students’ desks are each paired up with their own chairs, so you can import your character in between them to make him sit behind the desk and in the chair.  All you have to do is come up with a good plot.  As always, please give credit to this website if you use this classroom in your animation.  Whatever you can do to drive traffic here helps me keep this free content coming.

Animation Tip: 

If you have Anime Studio Pro, you can use a thick white stroke and the smokey brush effect to give the appearance of writing with actual chalk.  Make a condensed line (like a dot with many vector points) for each letter you want to write on the chalkboard.  Make them invisible to begin with, and as your character writes each letter, you can make them visible and “pull” the vector points to form each letter.  (Ask questions below if this is confusing.)



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