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Free Anime Studio Truck 4×4 – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Free Anime Studio Truck 4×4

Free Anime Studio monster truck 4x4

Free Anime Studio monster truck 4×4

Download the Monster Truck for Anime Studio

Anime Studio Monster Truck- Free Giant 4X4

I’ll try to keep the free Anime Studio content coming.  Here’s a free monster truck 4×4, modeled after a Ford F-350 crew cab.  The lights turn on and off with the click of a button.  I created this truck in Anime Studio Pro 6, but it should open in Anime Studio Debut 6, too.  I didn’t use any features that Debut doesn’t have.

Anime Details

Sorry Mac users, but this monster truck may be Windows only!   You can download the zipped .anme file and try it for yourself to find out.

When you animate this truck:

You’ll notice a vector layer that seems to be out of place.  It’s a rectangular shape toward the bottom of the truck.  That is the layer with the shadow attached to it; the shadow that appears under the truck.  If you need to turn it off, that’s where you do it.

If you use this truck in a video, just mention in your credits that you got it free from CartoonLearning.com, and as always, you may not sell or redistribute it.  I need the traffic coming here, so I can keep the free content coming.



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