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Anime Studio Bone Rigging Tutorial – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Anime Studio Bone Rigging Tutorial

Anime Studio character bone rigging tutorial

How to rig Anime Studio characters

As promised, here’s my character, split apart into pieces to show you how to rig your character’s bones in Anime Studio.

When rigging bones this way, there’s no need to separate the pieces before adding the bones.  If you separate them, it’ll frustrate you every time you insert your character into a scene and he’s in pieces. Step 1:  Create the individual pieces and assemble them (I didn’t split the head into its pieces- see the Anime Studio character setup article for that instruction) Step 2:  Create a bone layer and add bones (in appropriate order) with region binding turned on Step 3:  Select desired layer, then select the “bind layer” tool (looks like a bone on top of a piece of paper), then select the bone to attach the layer to.  i.e. select the upper arm layer, then the bind layer tool, then the humorous bone. Step 4:  Repeat steps 2-4 until complete Step 5:  Use the “Bone strength” tool to turn the strength of every bone all the way off! If you fail to turn even one of them all the way off, your character will be mangled!


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