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Online Animation School- Interpolation Questions – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Online Animation School- Interpolation Questions


Someone recently asked if it was possible for Creatoon to work similarly to Adobe Flash’s Motion Guide.

I want to set the motion path for the character, i.e. Zigzag motion without editing it frame by frame. You get where I’m heading?


Not being familiar with the program mentioned, this is the best answer I can give you.

Yeah. You can do that. You could:
1. Start your animation in play, grab the translational tool and move your character/object in real time http://www.cartoonlearning.com…..keyframes/ or
2. You can create a start point, jump ahead however many keyframes you need, create the next point, then right click on your actual keyframes and set your interpolation to linear. You will create a smooth flow from one point to the next, instead of just jumping from one point to the next. There is another way to interpolate (spline) where you can adjust whether it’s smooth or not between your two keyframes.

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