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Monetize your website with online advertising programs – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Monetize your website with online advertising programs


The final version of the Willy Ways Sham-Awesome infomercial spoof will be available shortly, and some of the assets will be available as free downloads!  Please check back often.



I’ve posted this video as an example of how to draw a crowd to your website to make money from videos you create.  Read the rest of the article to understand the monetization process.


If you’ve surfed the internet for any length of time, you’ve probably racked up a small fortune for various website owners.  As an amateur animator, you can take advantage of the flipside of online advertising, and start making money off of your website.


How does a TV station stay in business?  The network (FOX, NBC, etc.) pays a TV show to create episodes for them.  The network then sells advertising time to companies that want to advertise their products during that TV show.  If you’re watching an action packed military show like The Unit, don’t be surprised to see U.S. Army commercials during the show.  The Army knows the show draws a crowd of people interested in the military.  Don’t be surprised to see macaroni and cheese commercials or cereal commercials during cartoons.  The commercials are tailored to the audience.  If an advertisement doesn’t seem to fit with the TV show, it’s because the advertiser was able to save money by buying in bulk across multiple networks or time frames.


The beauty of the internet is that anyone can do the same thing big television networks do.  While this article will focus on advertising networks that will find your advertisers for you, the next article will focus on direct sales that will give you a bigger slice of the income pie.


Without a doubt, the number one online advertising program is Google Adsense TM.  If you haven’t heard of Google Adsense TM, you probably haven’t made any money online.  Google Adsense TM probably has the largest number of advertisers using their advertising program (Google Adwords), so the competition is fierce, driving up the CPC price (cost per click).  Let’s say I own a cereal company, and I want to advertise to kids so they will bug their parents to buy my product.  I would sign up with Google Adwords and bid against other advertisers for keywords.  When someone visits a web page of a Google Adsense TM affiliate that has my keywords, my advertisement will come up.  I would then pay, only if someone clicks on my ad to visit my website.  I get traffic that is as relevant to my product as I want it to be, making online advertising even better than TV advertising.


Can I make money today?

Assuming you already have a website with your cartoons posted on it (that fits Google’s Terms and conditions for Google Adsense TM), you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate, and follow the instructions.  After following all the instructions and adding the appropriate code to your website (it’s not as difficult as it sounds), your site will start showing ads, usually, right away.  As soon as you earn $100 (I believe that’s the right number), Google will mail you a check or transfer your funds with EFT. 


As always, if you have any questions about this article, please ask them in the comments section below.


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